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Our company not only redefines drayage solutions; we set new standards for excellence in the industry with Draydex™. Our journey is a story of commitment, experience, and a relentless pursuit of solving needs within the drayage sector.

We invite shippers, forwarders, brokers, truckers, and carriers to get to know us, explore our company values, and meet the exceptional minds behind the drayage scene.

Commitment to drayage excellence

A 40+ Year Legacy

Our Commitment to Excellence

Draydex was born out of the extensive experience and drayage industry insights garnered by its original parent company, Freight Management Inc.

With a remarkable 40-year legacy in the logistics industry, we laid the foundation for Draydex’s inception. The profound knowledge accumulated during its journey has been instrumental in shaping Draydex™ into the thriving entity it is today, as well as positioning it for future growth and evolution.

Draydex™ has harnessed the expertise, relationships, and strategic acumen to excel in providing efficient and cost-effective drayage solutions, serving as a testament to the power of experience and dedication in fostering innovation within the logistics sector.

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Full Control of Your Logistics Operations

Full Control of Your Logistics Operations

Pioneering Excellence in Drayage Solutions

Draydex™ stands at the forefront of the drayage industry. It brings you a new era of solutions that redefine how drayage pricing and relationships can be expertly managed. Our journey is a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence.

The Company Vision

Born out of the vision to revolutionize the way buyers and sellers of domestic drayage service interact, Draydex™ was conceptualized to bridge the gap between traditional practices and modern efficiency. As a part of the family, we leverage our extensive experience while carving our unique path in the industry.

A Dedication to Progress

We’re not just a drayage or technology company; we’re a driving force of progress. Since our inception, we’ve consistently pushed boundaries and reimagined the drayage experience. Our focus on user-centric design, real-time information, and cutting-edge technology has set new standards.

Where We Are Today

Today, Draydex™ is a symbol of innovation, providing a platform that simplifies a niche and complex part of the supply-chain. Our commitment to transparency, efficiency, and reliability has gained us the trust of industry players, making us the go-to solution for the pursuit of drayage excellence within their organization.
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Exceptional Service

Our Commitment to You

At Draydex™, our commitment to excellence extends to every user who relies on our drayage management system for their dray needs. It’s not just a solution; it is a promise of exceptional service and unparalleled support.

Exceeding Expectations in Every Area

Our commitment to you is not limited to a single aspect; it encompasses every facet of your experience with Draydex™. From the moment you engage with our software to the ongoing support you receive, we strive to exceed your expectations.

Your Partner for Success

Draydex™ is more than just a platform; it’s your dedicated partner for success. We’re here to simplify your drayage operations, save you time, and empower you with real-time information. Your success is our success, and we’re with you every step of the way.

Meet Our Drayage Company Leadership

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Bob Mayo (Founder & CEO)

Bob has over 20 years in the industry and combines a love for logistics with a hands-on approach. He’s dedicated to making Draydex™ the industry’s go-to drayage relationship platform with continuous improvement and top-notch service and user experience.

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Joseph M. Mayo (Co-Founder & President)

A veteran who started in the trucking industry in 1975. Joseph has steered his company’s journey since 1980, ushering in a new era as a non-asset-based 3PL. He continues to lead Freight Management, Inc. today, and his extensive experience and vision will help to shape our future.

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Joseph A. Mayo (Co-Founder & CFO)

Leading the financials for our family brokerage for over 25 years, Joe’s meticulous attention to detail benefits both our customers and service providers. His focus is always on driving the brand toward logistics excellence.