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Strategic Drayage Bidding

Competition is Heating Up

Are Your Drayage Trucker Rates Competitive?

Competition is heating up in the drayage trucker industry. Carriers are trying to make a name for themselves as the most efficient and best value-for-money drayage trucker while also making good money from contracts and not underselling yourself. But, how do you do that?

In 2019, there were almost 1 million truck drivers employed in the US. That’s a lot of competition to fight when bidding on contracts. Here is your new go-to tool for strategic bidding.

Create an Effective Bidding Strategy

Keep Your Drayage Trucker Rates Competitive

To create an effective bidding strategy, you need to do your research. You need to know what other drayage truckers are charging.

Knowing where you stand in the market and mapping your competitive position will help you offer better rates to clients and ensure you aren’t being underpaid for your services.

You need to compare not only pricing but what customers are getting for that price. And this is not a one-time project. When you change your bidding strategy other carriers will too, so this needs to be ongoing research.

That sounds tiresome, right? A lot of work and many hours doing research? If only you could find all this information in one easy location.

Competitive drayage rates
Draydex interface deep dive into pricing

Gain Valuable Insights

The Tool That Allows You to Peek Behind the Curtain

Wouldn’t it be great to know what your competitor’s pricing strategy is? If you could see what other drayage carriers were bidding on contracts, you could adjust your prices accordingly. If only you could peek behind that curtain and gain that competitor intel.

Well, there is a way. Our Draydex tool has a drayage truckers membership that you can sign up for and use to gain insights that will help your bidding strategy.

How Do Truckers Benefit From Our Draydex Drayage Membership?

Truck freight rates have been skyrocketing. From 2017 to 2018, rates increased a whopping 20% to an average of $2.14 per mile. The pandemic of 2020 has also seen drayage rates rise.

Increased Rates

By reviewing the ever-changing pricing of your competitors’ truck freight, you can help keep your own bidding competitive.

Strategic Bidding

Bidding is time-consuming and difficult to strategize. Access to Draydex™ saves you time on competitor research and increases your income by allowing you to make more competitive bids.

Changing Rates

Truck drayage rates can change for various reasons. Cost of gas, seasonal changes on imports, and many factors mean your prices always need to be reviewed and adjusted.

Completely Free

Sign up to gain access to Draydex prices.

Draydex interface to find and manage carriers

Always Up to Date

All Your Competitors in One Location

With Draydex™, you can view an aggregate of all your competitor’s bids in one location. You won’t have to spend hours scouring the internet and researching your competition.

We work with thousands of drayage carriers who use our Draydex™ system. This gives you access to a wealth of drayage pricing data you won’t find anywhere else. You can cut hours off competitor research, have more time to ship more goods, and make more money.

Not only that but our drayage trucker directory is always up to date. The pricing you see is always live and updated in real-time, which helps you stay one step ahead of your competition. You’ll always know the information you are using to create your bid strategy is accurate, which helps you make the most competitive bids possible.

The 1st of Its Kind

The BEST Spot Market Index

Draydex™ is the first of its kind tool that gives carriers the knowledge to understand the current spot market dictates at each ramp/port.

The ability to tap into this market data helps you see the same information that everyone else in the logistic supply chain has. Access to big data at your fingertips and the real-time spot market index gives you a competitive edge and will help you stop underselling yourself in your bids.

first of its kind drayage management system

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