Eliminate Transportation Issues & Reduce Container Drayage Costs with Draydex™

With 40 years of experience in the container drayage and transportation industry, the team at Draydex™ is well aware of the cost, transparency, and operation issues shippers face. With this fact in mind, our company designed Draydex™, a proprietary technology that streamlines the process of moving your drayage from port to door with the best carrier at the best price and does the following:

  • Instantaneous Benchmarking – the industry’s “first-of-its-kind” Drayage Spot Rate Index
  • Pricing From All Ramps And Ports
  • Quickly Compare Your Carrier Pricing
  • Lightning-Fast Booking Speed vs. Traditional Carrier Sourcing
  • Detailed Presentations Of Linehauls And Accessorial Charges
  • Highly Accurate And Efficient Record-Keeping
  • Carrier Insurance And Safety Monitoring
  • “Book it Now” Pricing and Capacity

These benefits help drive down costs, streamline communications, and keep customers happy.

Draydex and My Freight Manager THE DYNAMIC DUO

Dynamic Duo Delivers Maximum Cost Savings

Draydex™ is a web-based container drayage system that provides detailed reporting and critical real-time shipment visibility. Our custom-designed Draydex™ is a major asset on its own with benefits including:

  • 24/7 web-based access for all parties
  • Better domestic visibility
  • Automated email notifications that give you instant updates on when orders are dispatched, picked up, delivered or delayed
  • Tier-1 data center with a dependable 99.7% uptime
  • The ability to integrate with numerous TMS, ERP and third-party applications
  • Successful ERP integrations through your preferred XML, EDI, API or FTP digital connection

Draydex™ delivers enhanced, updated, real-time visibility and tracking of your supply chain.

Why Should You Trust Draydex?

Draydex™ Handles Over 12,000 Drays Each Year For 80% Of The Top 25 Forwarders!

You will get the following free of charge when you sign up for Draydex:

  • Access to all prices available on the spot market index
  • Highly organized and automated rate management system
  • Real-time carrier monitoring
  • Unlimited carriers and users
  • “Book It Now” Capacity

Sign Up for Draydex™ FREE

Drive down costs, streamline communications and keep customers happy.

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