Draydex & Drayage Frequently Asked Questions Answered

If you have any drayage questions or FAQs about Draydex™, our innovative solution to the dynamic world of drayage logistics, here are the answers to the most common ones. This FAQs page aims to provide you with comprehensive answers to all your Draydex™ questions and how it can greatly improve your drayage experience. If you have any additional questions or require assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team or check out our latest blog articles.

What is Draydex™?

Draydex™ is your comprehensive drayage directory solution, designed to simplify the complex world of drayage logistics. At its core, Draydex™ offers a dynamic platform that empowers both truckers/carriers and shippers/forwarders to streamline their operations and make informed decisions.

With Draydex™, you can instantly source drayage carriers across North America, access real-time rates, and enjoy a user-friendly interface that enhances your overall day-to-day drayage experience. All at no cost.

Who Can Benefit from Draydex™?

Draydex™ caters to a diverse audience in the logistics industry. Whether you’re a trucker, carrier, shipper, or forwarder, Draydex™ offers tailored solutions to your needs. Here is how Draydex™can work for you:

  • Truckers/Carriers: Draydex™ can optimize your drayage operations by simplifying your rate quote interactions with shippers, forwarders, and brokers by providing a uniform rating structure, improving relationship and pricing management, and enhancing your decision-making process.
  • Shippers/Forwarders: Draydex™ can simplify your drayage logistics by providing you access to thousands of draymen, real-time rate information, and a uniform approach to managing your daily rate quotes, accessorial charges, fees, and finally empower your whole team.
How Does Draydex™ Work?

Draydex™ is a powerful drayage logistics platform that streamlines and optimizes the drayage process of carrier management and pricing. It offers a range of features and capabilities designed to make drayage operations more efficient and effective.

It is an intuitive and user-friendly interface that caters to the needs of both truckers/carriers and shippers/forwarders.

Upon logging in, users are greeted with a clear and informative dashboard. Quickly access real-time pricing data, create and manage quotations, and discover and cultivate new carrier and shipper relationships.

The layout is designed for easy navigation and quick access to key features.

Can I integrate Draydex™ With My TMS?

Draydex™ is designed to seamlessly integrate with Transportation Management Systems (TMS) through an API. This integration is a significant advantage for businesses that already have a TMS in place.

It allows for the exchange of data and information between Draydex™ and your TMS, creating a unified logistics ecosystem.

What Are the Key Benefits of Draydex™?

Draydex™ offers a range of advantages that make it a game-changer in the world of drayage logistics. Here are the key benefits that set Draydex™ apart:

  • Streamlined Drayage Operations: Draydex™ simplifies drayage logistics by providing a one-stop platform for your pricing and drayage carrier procurement needs.
  • Real-Time Spot Market Information: You no longer need to rely on outdated rate sheets or spend hours searching for the best prices.
  • Efficient Pricing Management: For truckers/carriers, you can manage your quotations with all your shipper, forwarder and broker customers with a clear and uniform system that allows you to upload acceossrial tariffs and fuel surcharge schedule–saving you time and reducing pricing errors.
  • Time Savings: The real-time rates, automated email notifications, and speed to quote reduce the time spent on administrative tasks and manual rate negotiations.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: Draydex™ empowers you with the latest market rates, ensuring you can make data-driven carrier selection and routing decisions.
How Much Does Draydex™ Cost?

Currently, Draydex™ is available to users completely free of charge. There are no subscription fees or costs associated with using Draydex™ at this time.

We want to make it accessible to as many users as possible, allowing you to experience the platform’s benefits without any financial commitment. While the future pricing structure may evolve, for now, you can sign up for all of Draydex’s powerful features and capabilities without any cost.

Can I Try Draydex™ Before Committing to a Subscription? Is There a Free Trial?

We understand the importance of experiencing Draydex™ firsthand before committing. We will always offer a free demo, allowing you to explore the platform’s powerful features.

How to Use Draydex™ for Truckers/Carriers

Truckers and carriers can simplify their drayage operations with Draydex™. Start by signing up and using the user-friendly dashboard to instantly quote drayage moves competitively thanks to real-time rate information.

Manage your loads efficiently, update statuses, and communicate seamlessly with shippers/forwarders. Stay informed with real-time pricing updates and quickly use our pricing and quoting tools for insights. Regularly check rates, maintain transparency, and consider integration options for a streamlined workflow, ultimately optimizing your drayage logistics.

How to Use Draydex™ for Shippers/Forwarders

Shippers and forwarders can enhance their drayage processes with Draydex™. Begin by signing up and accessing the user-friendly platform. Easily find suitable drayage carriers and quickly review real-time rate information by managing your rate quotes for more informed decision-making.

Stay updated with real-time notifications on pricing received by your carriers, and leverage our historical pricing tools for performance and cost savings insights. Regularly monitor rates and consider integration options to optimize your drayage logistics seamlessly.

How Do I Sign Up and Get Started with Draydex™?

Great question! Go here to sign up for early access and become a Draydex™ Beta Tester. Follow the prompts to create your account and complete the registration.

Once registered, we will review your information and provide a login to your account so you can start exploring Draydex™ to simplify and optimize your drayage logistics.