Managing container drayage can become a costly and time-consuming endeavor if it is not handled correctly. Drayage rates change in the blink of an eye, and in many cases, they change before you have made a final decision. Compounding the matter is everything your team needs to get done in a day. You and your employees have a lot going on and little time to spend on searching for the lowest rates and best trucking companies. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the best drayage rates instantly and free of charge? Well…  

Introducing Draydex™, the Technology That Perfects Drayage Management

The founders of Draydex™ were well aware of the shipping challenges retail businesses face. For this reason, they created Draydex™, the industry’s most accurate spot market index that reduces drayage costs and improves efficiency. This valuable transportation management system (TMS) extension provides high-level access to market rates instantly and for FREE.


Supported by Top Global Freight Forwarders

Leveraging critical contributions from top global freight forwarders, Draydex™ gives you the ability to get container drayage rates instantly and offers an additional 8 benefits including:

  1. Instantaneous Benchmarking – The Industry’s “FIRST-OF-ITS-KIND” Drayage Spot Rate Index
  2. Pricing From All Ramps And Ports
  3. Quickly Compare Your Carrier Pricing
  4. Lightning-Fast Booking Speed Vs. Traditional Carrier Sourcing
  5. Detailed Presentations Of Linehauls And Accessorial Charges
  6. Highly Accurate And Efficient Record-Keeping
  7. Carrier Insurance And Safety Monitoring
  8. “BOOK IT NOW” Pricing And Capacity


Knowledge Is Power

The wealth of knowledge provided by Draydex™ gives you the power to intelligently choose the best drayage rates and trucking companies from among the vast sea of options. Plus, the spot market index is updated in real-time, ensuring you do not have to wait around to get this important information.

When you are able to select the most competitive container drayage rates, your cost savings will begin to add up and the amount of time you spend searching for rates will go down.

Get Instant Access to Rates

Draydex™ won’t cost you a penny. You can get access to Draydex™ FREE of charge.

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