As a drayage trucker, you play a vital role in logistics, getting goods from the rail ramp to their warehouse. You want to be compensated fairly for your work. But long days driving up and down the state or across the country can make finding the time to research and set your rates tough.

You want to be paid fairly, but you don’t want to charge too much and miss out on opportunities because other drayage truckers are charging less. You also don’t want to spend hours researching pricing when you could be earning. So what do you do?

Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ll share a quick and straightforward way to research and set competitive drayage truck rates.

Draydex™ Drayage Trucker Membership

To set a competitive rate, you need to know what other drayage truckers are charging. Figuring out the appropriate fee to charge involves a lot of time-consuming research.

With Draydex™ Drayage Trucker Membership, you can quickly and simply peek behind the curtain and see what rates your competitors are bidding.

Drayage Trucker Membership is a membership option for our Draydex™ Tool that is specifically aimed at truckers. Bidding on shipments is time-consuming. Creating bidding strategies is also complicated and takes away from your time on the road.

Access to Draydex™ gives you back a large chunk of time you would otherwise put into research. The simple to use interface also gives you all the information you need to avoid strategy creation confusion.

Learn What Others Are Charging & Bidding

Are you missing out on money because you are not charging the right price? Bidding too low means you’re shortchanging yourself, and bidding too high may cause you to lose shipments.

Setting a bidding strategy is confusing. What is the easiest way to get around this? Learn what other drayage truckers are bidding. Knowing what other truckers are charging for a specific or comparative lane helps you change your strategy to be more competitive by keeping rates high while allowing you to come in at slightly lower costs to be more appealing to shippers.

Setting Competitive Rates

Truck rates change all the time. Drayage rates are impacted by various factors, including gas prices, supply and demand, chassis shortages, and seasonal costs. You need to have a strategy to ensure that your rates are changing with the market. This will ensure that you secure the optimal amount of contracts at the best price.

Don’t Undercharge When the Market Is Hot

Truck freight rates have been increasing in the previous years. From 2017 to 2018, rates grew a whopping 20% to an average of $2.14 per mile. The global pandemic has only added fuel to the fire, and prices are at the highest we have seen in a long time.

Don’t miss out on getting the rate that you deserve. If you are not keeping on top of competitors and observing the increase in rates in the market, you may end up undercharging and missing out on those extra dollars.

Get Your 30-Day FREE Trial

To make sure you are setting the most competitive rates for your shipments, sign up for a Draydex drayage membership for truckers/carriers.

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