In 2018, the volume of seaborne trade reached around 11 billion tons, according to Statista. In 2020, 25 million shipping containers were expected to be transported across the Pacific Ocean. But what happens with these containers when they reach the port? That’s where truck drayage comes in.

In this article, we will go through everything you need to know about what truck drayage actually is and why it’s crucial to the U.S. economy. You’ll also learn how it has changed in recent years and how to find a great truck drayage partner for shipping your goods.


What Is Truck Drayage

Truck drayage refers to the part of the logistical supply chain where goods are transported from an ocean port or inland rail ramp by a truck to their next destination, such as a warehouse or storage facility.


Truck Drayage Rates Are Higher Than Ocean Cargo Rates

Truck drayage is typically the most expensive part of a container movement on a per-mile basis. Because of this, average transportation lengths for truck drayage have been falling for years. Inland ports have been growing in popularity in areas such as Georgia and South Carolina. Regional shipping distribution networks have also played a role in this.


High Demand for Truck Drayage in High Population Areas

In areas with large populations such as Los Angeles, these short truck drayage trips are in high demand. Many coastal cities are located near ports, dense with consumers that are driving up the need for shorter truck drayage hauls.


Shortage of Truck Drivers for Drayage

In recent years, while the number of goods coming into ports has gone up, the number of new truck drivers starting in the truck drayage field has gone down. In 2020, capacity was extremely tight across the United States.


New Drivers Choosing Other Types of Hauling

Truck drivers who have recently obtained their license often overlook truck drayage as a career opportunity. Drivers require a TWIC endorsement to enter and operate within ports that have drayage services.

While these endorsements are not difficult to obtain, they are still overlooked as many drivers believe the contrary. Why is this important to your business?

As the number of drivers goes down but the demand for short-haul truck drayage goes up, it becomes more challenging to move containers from ports efficiently. This can result in containers sitting at the ports waiting for trucks and drivers to become available, which in turn means your business accrues demurrage fees.


A Solution to Logistics Problems

For this reason, finding a trusted third-party logistics provider is essential to keeping your supply chain moving. You need a company you can rely on, with a solid network of truck drivers, who will quickly be able to palletize your shipment in port, load it onto a truck and haul it to its next destination. You’ll keep your business reputation glowing, keep the goods you need in stock, and ensure you are not paying any unnecessary fees at the port.


Finding a Truck Drayage Company You Can Rely On

Truck drayage is a fast and efficient way to get your shipping containers from the port to your warehouse or storage facility – when it’s done right.

You’ve probably seen the headlines about container ships sitting offshore waiting to be unloaded (or had some experience with it yourself). Time incurs a tariff at ports, which is why it’s so important to work with a drayage company you can trust.

Fast deliveries keep your business moving, your reputation in good standing, and your shipping costs without penalty fees. But where do you find a great drayage partner?


We Can Give You Peace of Mind

We have a drayage directory in the form of our web-based platform called Draydex™. It’s not your average directory. It’s a user-friendly system that can help you find the best truck drayage rates and build partnerships with a third party logistics company you can trust.

Every year we help move hundreds of thousands of containers for nearly every major Freight Forwarder. We know exactly what businesses need for their drainage and make it quick and simple to find that information.

The fast “Book Now” feature and best spot market index you can find set our directory apart. It takes the hassle out of finding a truck drayage partner and can give you peace of mind that your shipment will be unloaded and shipped in a fast and efficient manner.

Draydex™ is FREE of Charge

We offer the best spot market index in the industry with our one of a kind tool.

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