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Draydex™ Enables Better Management of Drayage Rates & Relationships In One Place

Draydex™ simplifies and enhances your logistics experience by effortlessly connecting shippers & forwarders with drayage carriers/truckers. Manage those relationships, gain deep insights, and easily track drayage pricing and quotes–all in one centralized and user-friendly software.

Say goodbye to outdated methods and embrace a new era of streamlined drayage solutions that empower your business.

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Why Choose Draydex As Your Drayage Solution

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Connect with Top Draymen TODAY

Access a curated network of top-tier draymen, ensuring that you have access to the best in the drayage business.

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Effortless Rate Management

Our FREE Rate Management System eliminates the hassle of manual calculations, saving you time and effort.
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Spot-On Market Index Insights

Harness the power of our pioneering Spot Market Index to gain real-time market insights and make informed decisions.

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Transparent Accessorial Fees

No more surprises! Discover comprehensive accessorial fee listings that help ensure cost predictability.

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User-Focused Intuitive Interface

Experience a modern, intuitive drayage software designed to enhance your workflow and productivity.

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Trusted by Industry Leaders

Join the top global freight forwarders and brokers already on Draydex™ for accurate data and dependable drayage solutions.

Your Draydex™ Dashboard:

Full Control of Your Logistics Operations

Discover the heart of Draydex™ – your personalized dashboard that empowers you to take control of your drayage operations like never before.

With a glance, access the insights and tools you need to streamline your logistics journey and make informed decisions.

Key Relationship Software Elements

Price Insights

Get instant access to competitive pricing for drayage services, enabling you to make cost-effective choices tailored to your needs.

Carrier Comparisons

Evaluate carriers based on their performance, pricing, and reputation, helping you select partners that align with your goals.

Build Relationships

Leveraging over 40 years of experience and professional relationships.

User Friendly Interface

Effortless Navigation Gives You Limitless Potential

Our user-friendly software interface ensures you can effortlessly navigate through the dashboard to increase efficiency and minimize operational challenges. Whether you’re a forwarder, broker, shipper, or drayage carrier, Draydex™ equips you with tools you need to excel in the competitive drayage landscape.

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