Being a drayman/carrier comes with challenges. Bidding on profitable loads is one of the big ones.

Bidding on freight loads is both an art and a science. New and even established carriers in the industry can approach bidding strategies with fear and confusion. But there is nothing to fear.

This post will share our secret weapon and the only tool you need to set up a successful bidding and spot quoting strategy as a drayman.

Draydex™ – Membership Specifically for Drayman

Two trends have popped up in drayage freight recently. The first is that competition is increasing. Carriers are trying to build a reputation as reliable and value for money to create solid long-term relationships with shippers.

The second is that across the US, truck freight rates have been skyrocketing. Between 2017 and 2018, rates across the country increased by an average of 20%. Those trends are only continuing as the pandemic adds additional barriers to shipping.

What does this mean for you? Firstly, with rates increasing, you can start charging more. You don’t want to be underselling yourself or losing out on profits. However, with fierce competition, there is a fine line to tow. You want to maximize your income while also staying competitive.

How can you do that? Draydex™ for carriers is a tool that lets draymen peek behind the curtain. Members can see what your competitors are bidding on lanes which allows you to keep your prices competitive. You can quickly see the trends in the market and when is a good time to bid high, and also when competition is up, you can undercut competitors to land a contract.

“One of the things that you’ll find with DAT and Sonar from Freightwaves is that they have great truckload rating and benchmarking tools and data. But what the industry seems to be ignoring is drayage trucker rates for carriers, and that is where the Draydex™ tool shines the brightest.”

– Bob Mayo, COO of Freight Management Inc.

Knowledge Is Power

Knowing the market gives you power. The transparency that Draydex™ offers you helps you have peace of mind in your negotiations.

You can bid on the most profitable loads for you. You can have confidence that when you didn’t win a contract, it was because it went below a price you were willing to bid and not spend hours or days wondering if you should have gone lower.

When you win a contract, you know you are getting a fair price. You are not thinking about whether you could have charged more, and understand that the shipper you are working with values their carriers and pays a fair rate.

Benefits of Using Draydex™ for Carriers

Draydex™ is an excellent tool for carriers. Not only do you get real-time insights into the market, but there are a bunch of other perks as well.

Carrier membership plans don’t tie you down

  • 30-day free trial
  • No long term contracts
  • Cancel whenever you need to
  • Monthly billing cycles

Accurate and reliable

  • Accurate data to help you create an effective bidding strategy
  • Real-time understanding of market rates
  • Draydex™ works with a huge range of shippers and drayage carriers nationwide giving you a well-rounded view of the market
  • Accessorial breakdowns specific to the port or ramp being serviced

Always free access to available drayage loads

  • Bid on Drayage Opportunities from
  • Get Paid in 30 Days
  • Optional Quickpay
  • Detention Assured with use of FMITrack

Sign Up for a Draydex™ Membership for Carriers

Make More Competitive Bids, Win More Contracts, Become More Profitable!

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