Container drayage can be extremely challenging to manage which costs you time and money. Many factors can go awry on a daily basis including chassis shortages, software that is not user-friendly, communication breakdowns and lack of communication, highway congestion and railway delays.

You do not want to mess around with any of these issues considering how costly drayage can become. Contending with spiraling per-diem charges, flip charges and storage fees is an overwhelming endeavor that is risky for your company’s bottom line.



Take Control of Your Drayage Operations to Reduce Costs

Fortunately, there is a way to smooth out daily operations when it comes to container drayage management, which in return will reduce your costs. Draydex™ created the industry’s most accurate spot market index eCommerce business on track. You can now get your quotes FREE of charge and in real-time.

Draydex™, a revolutionary TMS integration, gives you 9 distinct advantages and critical insight with the following:

  1. Faster booking speed
  2. Instantaneous pricing for alternate routes
  3. Ramp and port pricing – from all ramps and ports
  4. Detailed presentations of linehauls and accessorial charges
  5. Monitoring carrier insurance and safety
  6. More efficient and accurate record-keeping
  7. Historical lane searches
  8. Carrier comparisons
  9. Carrier compliance monitoring

We are able to offer these benefits thanks to contributions from top global freight forwarders.

Regain Time by Improving Efficiency & Use It for Other Tasks

Draydex™ gives you a tool to get all of the information you need under one hood. Gone are the days when you wasted time checking numerous resources and databases to ensure that drayage operations were running efficiently.

Draydex™ provides:

  • The ability to monitor your shipments in real-time
  • Actionable insights
  • High-level access to updated, accurate drayage market rates

Perfectly Executed Drayage Management With Draydex™

When it comes to container drayage management, knowledge really is power. Draydex™ gives you the information you need to make informed decisions and intervene if a shipment is not proceeding according to plan. Having the power to do the latter helps avoid snags that could result in unhappy customers and costly delays. Best of all, you get access to Draydex™ for FREE.

Draydex™ Handles 12,000+ Drays Each Year for 80% of the Top 25 Forwarders

Leveraging our 40+ years of experience and vast industry knowledge, we consistently deliver service level improvements and cost savings to our customers, especially in the container drayage area. We created Draydex™ using our expertise and insight from companies like yours.

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